A new beginning...

Not so much an ending as a new beginning!

As from 1st August 2016 control of the three Challenges; Moonlight, 24 Hour and the 50 Mile will pass from Challenge Hub to Saxon Shore Marathons.
The Challenges will be in good hands going into the future as their organisation is being taken over by the very experienced Traviss Wilcox and his team. For those who don’t know Traviss he is the Chairman of the 100 Marathon Club, Guinness World record holder and the organiser of a series of great events. Traviss assures us that the same ethos which has helped make the Challenges the events they are will be maintained into the future!

For all the updated information about the Challenges in 2017 go to www.saxon-shore.com or email them at info@saxon-shore.com

The provisional dates for 2017 are:

  • Saturday 11th March – Moonlight Challenge
  • Saturday/Sunday 6th/7th May – 24 Hour Challenge
  • Saturday 24th June – 50 Mile Challenge

We would like to thank all those who have taken part in the Challenges over the last 16 years as competitors, officials and helpers.